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North Latitude

North Latitude sells good quality casual clothing manufactured only in North America.  

Products we sell include hoodies, sweatshirts, fleece polo shirts, t-shirts and sweatpants.

We have been in the online retail clothing business since 2003.  After hearing about sweatshops and unsafe working conditions in some countries we decided it was time for a change.  We wanted to sell clothing in good conscience.  That was the inspiration behind North Latitude.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us!


Our Vision

At North Latitude we are proud to source only products form North America. Why? We believe that we should only sell products not made in sweat shops, by child labor, or in unsafe factories. North America has labor and manufacturing standards that protect workers and are mindful of the environment. That in turn, makes us sleep better at night. So go ahead and wear clothes from North Latitude with pride and good conscience. We sell good clothes at prices that are affordable for all. Happy shopping and thank you!

All prices are in Canadian Currency.